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April 19th, 2014
OSHA & ANSI Compliant Engineered Fall Protection Solutions
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OSHA Compliant Fixed Ladders

Climbing ladders can be frightening, even terrifying for some employees. For others, climbing ladders can be a part of the job that becomes common place, which can cause complacency. Ladders are an existing part of every structure or building and should be a serious concern for safety conscious employers. Most buildings have fixed ladders leading to various locations throughout. The majority of these ladders are constructed of steel and range from just a few feet, up to 30 feet in height....
Loading Dock Safety Gates

Loading Dock Fall Protection

Loading docks have always been a necessity for businesses with shipping and receiving needs. Most companies do not view loading docks as a safety concern, but view it merely as an effective point of access to receive and ship goods. A common risk associated with loading docks is the fall hazard that is created when the loading dock is not in use. Cal/OSHA requires that guardrails shall be provided on all open sides of unenclosed elevated work locations more than 30 inches above the floor,...
Fall Protection Training Center

The Guys Won’t Use This Fall Protection Stuff…

Many times when we propose a new fall protection system to a potential client that includes harnesses, lanyards, etc.  Their response is “We have bought safety stuff like this before and these guys won’t use it”. “It’s a waste of money”. To us this is not an employee problem but a management problem. A safety culture starts from the top and works down, not the other way around. Owners and management need to create the systems and safety policies that a company abides by. In most...
Safe Money on Fall Protection System

A Simple Step That Will Save You Money on Your Fall Protection System

Fall Protection Equipment and Systems can be a huge investment for a company and often times money is wasted during the process of selecting or designing safety equipment.  When developing fall protection system design or even selecting everyday user equipment, a manager or safety professional will often neglect to consult the people that are actually using this gear.  Many managers feel as though if a “worker” is asked it will cost more and they will ask for stuff that is not really...
Fall Protection for Bus Maintenance Technicians

Fall Protection for Bus Maintenance Technicians

Recently we had a potential client tell us that he has his bus maintenance technicians wear non-slip shoes as their fall protection when working on top of buses. The bad news for him and his poor employees is that 1) that’s not a safe form of fall protection and 2) it’s not legal! If you haven’t been in a bus maintenance facility they are typically oily, greasy and slippery. That goes for the bus roofs too. A slip or miss step off of a bus is most likely going to cause a serious injury or...

Versatile Systems Curbing Fines, Fatalities & Injuries in 2012

OSHA’S Public Enemy Number One: Fall Protection Versatile Systems Curbing Fines, Fatalities, & Injuries in 2012 Burbank, CA, USA, February 6, 2012 - The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s 2011 year-end review of the “Most Cited Violations” ranked lack of proper fall protection at the very top of the list. This is not a surprise to OSHA’s Directorate of Construction Jim Maddux who explained in December’s issue of Safety and Health that “Falls continue to...

Spring OSHA 3110 Fall Protection: Train for Tomorrow, Today

OSHA 3110 Comprehensive Fall Protection Training Enroll Today! Versatile Systems is pleased to announce our Spring  30 Hour OSHA Fall Protection Training Course to be held March 5th through the 8th. This class will fill fast! Don't miss your chance to learn life saving safety solutions! Enroll Today! Attendees will be exposed to state-of-the-art fall protection technology and current OSHA standards under the tutelage of safety instructor John McHugh. Topics...

Harvest Moon

Due east of the mighty Mississippi River, a serene July night consumed the sullied goldenrod fields of Mt. Carroll, IL. as two lifeless teenage boys were pulled from a stainless steel Illinois grain bin. They were Wyatt Whitebread, 14 and Alejandro Pacas, 19. According to OSHA reports, the two boys were “walking-down-the-corn”, creating flow for grain emptying machinery, when the kernels suddenly assumed the nature of quicksand below Wyatt’s feet. The 8th grader began sinking. Pacas...

California Skylights

Skylights are not new nor are the dangers associated with them. Skylights were first conceived by the VELUX founder, Mr. Villum Kann Rasmussen and became increasingly popular in the wake of WWII. (  With Europe in ruins, and struggling with shortages in viable commercial and residential space, Mr. Rasmussen's 1942 patented skylights became the perfect solution to allow the conversion of the attic from a storage space to a versatile living and working space because it...

Safety Communities Part Deux

In case you haven’t heard of the OSC, Online Safety Community, I’ll provide you with all the information you need to know. First off, the OSC was created by Ansell Healthcare as a means of utilizing the best feature of the internet, its ability to bring people together. Headquartered in Red Bank, NJ, Ansell is one of the leading providers of hand safety products; their gloves are helping your local mechanic in the shop as well as every soldier currently serving this country. (Read Here...
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OSHA & ANSI Compliant Engineered Fall Protection Solutions
Turnkey Fall Protection: We do it all from start to finish.
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