California Skylights

Skylights are not new nor are the dangers associated with them. Skylights were first conceived by the VELUX founder, Mr. Villum Kann Rasmussen and became increasingly popular in the wake of WWII. (  With Europe in ruins, and struggling with shortages in viable commercial and residential space, Mr. Rasmussen’s 1942 patented skylights became the perfect solution to allow the conversion of the attic from a storage space to a versatile living and working space because it allowed natural sunlight to enter, which in turn provided light, heat, and quality air to circulate these converted spaces. But the dangers of skylights weren’t initially obvious which is why fall protection solutions for them lagged until OSHA established comprehensive regulations in the early 70’s.

But did you know; that although Federal OSHA standard promulgates skylights to be capable of resisting a 200 pound force in every state, there is but one single state which requires a standard above and beyond Fed/OSHA? Do you know the state?

Of course you do, it’s California!

Cal/OSHA requires that skylights be protected with a system capable of supporting 400 pounds of force because as proven by engineers at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), as well as many others, there is the potential for a 200 pound worker falling onto a skylight to transmit 400 pounds of force. (NIOSH Skylight Alert) Not surprisingly, the California standard for skylights is used by proactive companies across the nation and we applaud that commitment to employee safety.

Since the 80’s there has become a heightened awareness of skylight safety. In 1989, NIOSH published their first safety alert titled: Preventing Worker Deaths and Injuries from Falls through Skylights and Roof Opening. This alert, like many others, held a red flag high and wide above skylights, opening up a discussion while becoming a resource for those unfamiliar with the subject. Since the first publication, NIOSH has continued to revised and update their findings. Click the above link and familiarize yourself with the facts because skylight fatalities and injuries can be eliminated.

That’s a fact.
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