Design & Engineering

Horizontal lifelines are designed and installed as part of a complete personal fall arrest system, which maintains a safety factor of at least two, under the supervision of a qualified person.

OSHA and ANSI Compliant Engineered Fall Protection Solutions

Turnkey Fall Protection: We do it all from start to finish.

Over the years we have found that most do not know that all fall protection solutions need to be engineered to the specific application. Without an engineered system you run the risk of damaging your building, the system failing, being liable and putting employees at risk for injury or fatality.

All fall protection solutions are designed and engineered by a certified professional engineer who has extensive knowledge in the fall protection field to ensure OSHA & ANSI compliance.

OSHA 1910.66 Horizontal lifelines, where used, shall be designed, and installed as part of a complete personal fall arrest system, which maintains a safety factor of at least two, under the supervision of a qualified person.


We partner with reputable engineering firms that encompass a vast amount of knowledge in fall protection. We engineer fall protections systems for all types of industries, including, bus transit maintenance facilities, manufacturing plants, airport hangers and new construction.

Fall protection systems will fail inspection without proper engineering.

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