Loading Dock Safety Gates for Fall Protection

This post was originally published on 1/29/2014 and updated on 1/10/2019.

Loading docks have always been a necessity for businesses with shipping and receiving needs. Most companies do not view their loading dock as a safety concern, but view it merely as an effective point of access to receive and ship goods. A common risk associated with loading docks is the fall hazard that is created when the loading dock is not in use. Cal/OSHA requires that guardrails shall be provided on all open sides of unenclosed elevated work locations more than 30 inches above the floor, ground, or other working areas of a building.

There is a relatively cost effective way to eliminate the fall hazard that can lead to injuries, OSHA violations, fines, and costly litigation. Versatile Systems Inc. specializes in the design and installation of OSHA compliant loading dock safety gates that will guard the loading dock when it is not in use. When a truck enters the loading dock, ready to be unloaded, the safety gate is simply lifted and stored to the side.  When the truck has been loaded and is set to leave the loading dock, the gate is lowered back into position before the truck drives away.

There have been too many occasions when an employee has been injured by accidentally falling from a loading dock. With this Versatile Systems product, the employer eliminates the danger from this everyday operation and ever present fall hazard. Guardrails are the first step in the process of protecting employees from dangerous elevated work environments. Loading docks should not be overlooked when assessing risk and providing safer work conditions for your employees.

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