OSHA Compliant Fixed Ladders

LaddersClimbing ladders can be frightening, even terrifying for some employees. For others, climbing ladders can be a part of the job that becomes common place, which can cause complacency. Ladders are an existing part of every structure or building and should be a serious concern for safety conscious employers.

Most buildings have fixed ladders leading to various locations throughout. The majority of these ladders are constructed of steel and range from just a few feet, up to 30 feet in height. There are specific guidelines for the construction of fixed steel ladders. These can be found in Cal/OSHA §3277. Unfortunately, from our experience, many ladders that employees are using are not in compliance with the current OSHA standards and are therefore unsafe for use.

OSHA requires ladder cages to be provided on ladders of more than 20 feet in height. There are applications where a ladder fall arrest safety system may be used in lieu of a ladder cage. Keep in mind that ladder safety systems require user equipment and employee fall protection training.

Versatile Systems specializes in the installation of Versatile Ladder Safety Systems and in the custom fabrication and installation of OSHA Compliant Versatile Fixed Steel Ladders, Cages and Landings. With Versatile Systems ladder safety devices and OSHA Compliant ladders, the employer minimizes the risk from this everyday fall exposure. Having OSHA Compliant ladders is an important step in the process of protecting employees from dangerous elevated work environments. Ladders should not be overlooked when accessing risk and providing safer work conditions for your employees.


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