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ParaClamp 18″

Para Clamp

The Para Clamp is a re-engineered Versa Clamp that only works on parapets. This new design took out a lot of manufacturing labor which in turn reduced the price. Use it on parapets to provide the Fall Protection the workers deserve. The compression plates are off-set so not to damage copings or flashings on parapets. Its unique compression locking system makes it Simple and Fast to install. Simply place the clamp over a parapet and slide the compression plate against the surface. Turn the compression rod against the plate and you are finished. Made in the USA and built tough.

$128.00 $122.88

Product Description

The Para Clamp can be purchased to fit up to 19” wide parapets or 25” wide parapets. If you have the 19” Para Clamp and come across a job that is larger, we can supply the 25” Axle Bar that you can change out in the field.

  • Expands from 1″ to 19″ or 1” to 25”
  • Simple and fast compression locking system
  • Compression Plates are off-set to protect copings and flashings
  • Adjustable guardrail post allows it to comply with OSHA guardrail heights from the work surface
  • Install at 8 foot increments
  • Use on parapets or decking applications
  • Adaptors for Safety Rail 2000 rail sections are available

Additional Information

Weight26 lbs


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