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SafetyRail 2000-Standard Kits

SafetyRail 2000

Yellow Base and Yellow Rails
(Includes 1 ea Base, 1 ea Rail Section and 2 ea Locking Pins)
Available: LP Outrigger, 3′, 3.5′, 4′, 5′, 7.5′, 10′ Rail Kits

SafetyRail 2000 is an OSHA Fall Protection guardrail system. OSHA Guardrails and Roof Railings help you get into OSHA Compliance using a passive fall protection system. Companies are using SafetyRail 2000 for: Fall Protection, Temporary Fall Protection, Roof Edge Protection, Roof Hatches, Skylights, Hazard Barriers, Warehouse Dock Doors, Warehouse Traffic Lanes, Cell Workstations, Construction Dig Sites, Dock Platforms, New Building Construction, Drive-In Truck Pits, Rail Car Platforms, Mezzanines, Break Areas, Assembly Areas, Conveyors and many more. This is why more companies are using SafetyRail 2000.

Product Description

  • No holes need to be drilled
  • It’s 100% portable
  • Meets and Exceeds OSHA Regulations for Fall Protection
  • Install over 500 feet in an hour with three men
  • Rails can be positioned in infinite directions
  • Each base can support up to 4 rails
  • Gate assemblies available
  • Optional toe board brackets
  • All rail sections have a powder coat finish
  • Special orders for non-standard colors and galvanizing
  • Custom engineering / manufacturing for special requirements
  • Protect your employees and visitors with out hassle


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