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Limpet Proactive Fall Protection

Around the world, work-at-height accidents are still far too common despite increased awareness and improvements in height safety legislation. And, in short, accidents cost.

Even the smallest fall can lead to injury – and potentially costly compensation pay-outs. Not to mention the human cost, and the cost to employer reputation.

Fortunately, the Limpet’s continuously enabled height safety system prevents falls before they happen. Its proactive fall prevention technology automatically senses and reacts to any movement the user makes – and starts working from the moment the safety line is clipped on.

Compact and rugged, the Limpet™ can be used as a fixed or semi-portable solution, capable of solving the most difficult and expensive safety and access challenges in the harshest operating conditions on the planet.

The Limpet™ is both tough and smart, but high quality does not always mean high cost. With a 25-year lifespan and an ability to perform multiple access functions, the Limpet™ yields better returns than alternatives. Installing the Limpet™ also ensures that maintenance and operations teams are safer, healthier, happier and more productive.

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