Versatile Systems offers fall protection products, rentals, and training. Our solutions are OSHA & ANSI compliant and we handle everything from start to finish so you can focus on your business.
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Rooftop Anchor Points & Fall Protection

Versatile Systems can provide many types of solutions to your roof fall protection needs. Whether it isrooftop fall protection, rooftop anchor points permanent rooftop anchor points, an engineered horizontal lifeline system or a custom fall protection system with safety netting for a commercial construction site, Versatile Systems has the expertise to provide the proper rooftop fall protection solution to keep your workers safe.

Our Technicians Manage from Start to Finish

When one of our technicians arrives at your business, they are there to build a relationship. Our process stresses the importance of keeping you connected to the same technician from start to finish. This provides our customers with a personalized experience which instills confidence that your job will be finished on time and to your full satisfaction.

It begins with a visit to assess your problem. We listen carefully to what you have to say and with notes in hand we head to the drawing room to create a custom rooftop fall protection solution that addresses your need. From beginning to end we self-perform every aspect of the job so nothing is overlooked. Safety doesn’t just happen, it takes dedication, education, and experience; lucky for you that’s our mantra.

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In-House Approach for Best Results

The difference between In-House and Contracted is like the difference between a home cooked meal and fast food.
Because we do things “in-house”, we can keep a more precise schedule and comply with even the tightest of deadlines. If the proper fall protection systems are not present, lives can be at risk in many cases. We have the ability to mobilize right now, provide your workers a safe environment, and offer you assurance that your workers are properly protected. Also Versatile Systems staff has worked hard to comply with OSHA standards for decades. You can be confident when Versatile Systems is on the job; our fall arrest systems are always compliant with OSHA regulations.

Custom Designed Roof Fall Protection

Versatile Systems is able to custom design each rooftop fall protection system to fit your specific requirements. Whether it is a large flat industrial roof with several workers needing a horizontal lifeline system that doesn’t require unhooking, or a steep sloping roof line requiring rooftop anchor points, personal fall arrest gear and fall protection netting, we can design and install it for you.  Our custom solutions incorporate roof fall protection equipment from the top industry manufacturers plus we engineer and make custom roof anchors to meet the requirements of the job. To address your rooftop worker safety needs, talk with our experts by giving us a call today at 818-565-5551.

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