Safety Communities: A First Step

This month Versatile Systems, Inc. joined the Online Safety Community (OSC), and the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)! We are very excited to be welcomed into these communities of proactive safety conscious people and companies, eager to lend our expertise to these new communities, and excited at the opportunity of interacting with the best and brightest. For more information on these two organizations, follow this link Safety Communities Pt. Deux.

Our first post on the Safety Community blog explores the debate of OSHA’s Residential Fall Protection Revisions. We took our stance on the debate that applauds OSHA’s decision on the regulations as well as the date of implementation.

In agreement was our new friend Glen Givens who in turn shared his brilliant insight:  “Unfortunately, regulations do not promote safety, they mandate safety. It is the company management that promotes safety.”

Glen is absolutely right. It’s like teachers and homework. A teacher mandates students to complete homework but without parents promoting the importance of homework at home, a child may fail to understand the long-term benefits of such work.

One thing VSI understands is the long-term importance of surrounding themselves with like-minded proactive people and companies, and we know you do to, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this newsletter.

To a better and brighter future.

Versatile Systems, Inc.

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