Safety Swing Gate

Safety Swing Gate| The CAL/OSHA Mandate

Cal/OSHA recognizes the hazards of floor and roof openings. Workers in an industrial setting, for example, can fall through these openings, leading to serious and even fatal injuries. Employers and property management companies bear legal accountability for these types of accidents. 

Under California law, safety covers must be in place unless the opening is attended. The most effective type of safety covers are swing gates.

Recent regulations created by CAL/OSHA require the following:

Every floor and roof opening shall be guarded by a cover, a guardrail, or equivalent on all open sides. While the cover is not in place, the openings shall be constantly attended by someone or shall be protected by guardrails. Toeboards shall be installed around the edges at openings where persons may pass below the opening.” Every ladderway floor opening or platform with access provided by ladderway, including ship stairs (ship ladders), shall be protected by guardrails with toeboards meeting the requirements of General Industry Safety Orders, Section 3209, on all exposed sides except at entrance to the opening. The opening through the railing shall have either a swinging gate or equivalent protection, or the passageway to the opening shall be so offset that a person cannot walk directly into the opening. The uppermost surface or railing member of the swinging gate or other equivalent protection required shall have a vertical height from the platform or floor level of between 42 to 45 inches plus or minus one inch and The swinging gate or other equivalent protection shall be capable of withstanding a force of at least 200 pounds applied vertically downward to the uppermost surface or railing member and horizontally outward at any point on the exit side of the ladder opening.”

Safety swing gates complying with these regulations go one step further toward safety enhancement because they are a self closing gate. This prevents accidents due to the carelessness of leaving the gate open. It also eliminates the need to monitor the opening.

How a Swing Gate Offers the Best Protection

Rooftop Protection

A Safety gate is a must for all rooftop access ladder entrances because they provide essential fall protection. In addition, workers can focus on their tasks without worrying about a fall hazard through the ladder opening.

Walk Area Protection

Imagine a busy factory with hundreds of workers hustling about, forklifts on the move, and machines with dangerous parts working furiously. In that environment, the only way to avoid an accident is through the creation of a designated walking area. Industrial gates allow managers to create this protected walk area by designing the floor so employees and visitors must pass through a series of self-closing gates. 

Ladder Opening Protection

Ladderway openings, catwalks, and narrow openings present another fall risk. For this reason, OSHA requires companies to cover them when not in use. An industrial swing gate ensures that the opening will never be accidentally left uncovered.

Promotes Safety Awareness with Safety Products

Safety awareness prevents accidents. Self-closing gates show that the company values safety and that workers should too. Because they invest in safety, companies that install swing gates keep their employees happy, safe, and productive. 

Property Protection

Industrial swing gates also help companies protect valuable property, such as industrial machinery. Security is always a concern, and thefts or vandalism can come at an enormous cost. Self-closing gates prevent unauthorized people from entering restricted areas.

Enhanced Productivity

An Industrial Safety gate will allow employees to keep focused on their jobs rather than worrying about a potential fall. 

CAL/OSHA Compliance

The CAL/OSHA regulations regarding swing gates have been updated. Businesses are mandated to install industrial swing gates on all floor openings, floor holes, skylights, and roof openings. 

If any of these areas are left without proper safety equipment, the company faces fines and other civil penalties. In addition, a workplace injury because of missing safety swing gates could lead to a workers’ compensation claim. If the injury occurs because of non-compliance with OSHA regulations, the company may face punitive damages.

Versatile Systems, Inc. offers top-of-the-line industrial safety equipment that meets and exceeds CAL/OSHA standards. A Self closing swing gate is an important part of an industrial fall protection program. They are inexpensive, easy to install, and durable. Contact Versatile Systems, Inc. to protect your business with a high-quality self closing safety gate.

GuardDog Self-Closing Industrial Safety Gate

Need a swing gate in a hurry for Cal/OSHA-compliance? The easy-to-install GuardDog Self-Closing Industrial Safety Gate is the answer. Available in powder coated yellow, galvanized steel, and food-grade stainless steel, its versatile design is a great fit for most applications.

Get in touch with our friendly safety experts for help selecting the right product for your application. And for bonus points, have the dimensions and an (optional) picture ready, and we’ll take care of you in no time!






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