Versatile Systems offers fall protection products, rentals, and training. Our solutions are OSHA & ANSI compliant and we handle everything from start to finish so you can focus on your business.
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Versatile is a Design-Build Fall Protection Services Contractor

Versatile Systems, Inc. is a fully licensed California General Contractor specializing in custom designed fall arrest systems and offering complete fall protection services. We are an engineer and fabrication facility so we can design and manufacture the fall prevention system you need to bring your company into OSHA compliance. Call today for a free estimate on a fall protection system.

Falls are the Second most Common Cause of Injury and Death. Protect your employees, and company.

OSHA has strict guidelines on protecting your workers from fall related injuries, and deaths. Protect your employees and company by installing the proper fall protection equipment. Avoid the emotional and physical costs with the right fall arrest systems.

Fall Protection Systems Are Our Specialty

We’ll work with you to design an OSHA compliant fall protection system that keeps your workers safe within your company’s means. As experts in fall protection safety, Versatile Systems is capable of installing any fall system and fall equipment including, but not limited to: horizontal and vertical rigid and cable systems, integrated ladder systems, penetrating, and non-penetrating guardrails. Versatile will help you design and implement the right system for your work flow.

Versatile Is Manufacturer Certified for Re-inspections

Versatile Systems, Inc. is a one-stop-shop for fall protection services. Our experienced professional staff works with you from estimation and approvals to final inspection and training. Versatile Systems, Inc. is manufacturer certified to perform semi-annual system re-certifications when requested by our clients. Re-inspections are vital to ensure system longevity.

Fall Protection Training

Versatile Systems, Inc. provides expert fall arrest training. At Versatile Systems, Inc. we know that the most important feature of a sound fall prevention system is a skilled user of the system. From design and manufacture of fall prevention systems to installation, inspections and training, you need look no further than Versatile Systems, Inc. Call Versatile Systems, Inc., your partner in fall safety.

A Fall Prevention Expert is What You Need

Versatile Systems, Inc. offers complete fall protection services under one roof. Our capabilities are second-to-none and we look forward to working with you to install the best fall arrest system solution for your business. Our design-build capabilities and decades of experience enhance your value engineering so you’ll always get the best value from Versatile. We’re not your average fall protection company. We’re Versatile Systems. Average doesn’t work here.

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