Cal/OSHA Compliant Skylight Protection

Skylight fall protection is essential in today’s workplace. Within the last 8 years we have been contacted by more businesses with fatalities as a result of people falling through skylights than any other workplace accident. The solid appearance of dome skylights gives employees tasked with rooftop activities a false sense of security that these fragile horizontal surfaces can hold a human’s weight. Cal/OSHA considers unprotected skylights as dangerous as open holes on your roof because they consist of fragile glass or plastic that have been baking in the sun for years. Too many companies are being reactive rather than proactive in protecting rooftop skylights.

We offer complete skylight fall protection services to improve occupational safety. Our skylight screens, roof hatch safety gates, and guardrails remove your risk from this everyday fall exposure and deadly workplace fall hazard.

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Skylight Screens

Our sturdy skylight screens are built per Cal/OSHA Standard 400 pound weight requirement. They are non-penetrating and consist of an assembly of metal rails and mesh forming a cage-like structure around each skylight and anchored to its base.

The goal of the skylight cover or skylight guard is to prevent inadvertent stepping, falling, or pressing against the unprotected skylight itself. The materials used for a skylight screen or safety screen include stainless steel, galvanized aluminum, or galvanized steel for strength and minimal weight. These materials offer the best rooftop fall protection for skylight guards.

Our friendly experts are happy to help you choose the right skylight screens or skylight guardrails. Call us at (855) 837-3255 or use the request quote form above.

Skylight Guardrails

Guardrails are recommended for larger glass openings, or occasionally for higher end buildings where the building owner does not want to see very light grid shadows showing inside the building from the skylights.

A non-penetrating skylight guardrail offers a fixed barrier that restricts proximity and access to the skylight itself, and is usually installed at a minimum height of 42-inches. Skylight guardrails are more versatile and can be installed around many skylights at once, and cost about 2x more than a skylight screen.

Weighted Base guardrails are also popular, which can be dismantled at will and assembled in different places to offer portable skylight fall protection for roof workers.

Cal/OSHA Compliant Skylight Protection

More construction workers die from falls than from any other on-the-job injury. Fatal falls and serious injuries may result from inadequate skylight protection. Having Cal/OSHA Compliant skylight protection is an important step in the process of protecting employees from dangerous elevated work environments. Skylights should not be overlooked when assessing risk and providing safer work conditions for your employees.

Cal/OSHA §3212

Any employee approaching within 6 feet of any skylight shall be protected from falling through the skylight or skylight opening with the use of skylight screens, guardrails, or fall arrest systems. Skylight screens in California must meet a 400 pound weight requirement and railings and fall arrest systems must meet all other OSHA standards relating to construction and installation.

Our experience over the years has taught us that only a few factors influence companies to install skylight protection.

  1. A proactive safety culture developed and nurtured by responsible safety professionals, supervisors and workers.
  2. A reactive safety culture motivated by Cal/OSHA violations that are a direct result of an employee injury or death.

Plastic and glass unprotected skylights bring light and openness to building interiors, but they are a risk when subcontractors, employees, or the public can access your roof.
In addition to roof guardrails, skylight protection is an important step in protecting your employees from dangerous elevated work environments and staying Cal/OSHA compliant. Skylights should not be overlooked when assessing risk and providing safer work conditions for your employees. Call us today to the right steps to ensure that your skylight is secured with the right skylight screen, roof guardrail, or roof hatch safety gate.