Versatile Systems offers fall protection products, rentals, and training. Our solutions are OSHA & ANSI compliant and we handle everything from start to finish so you can focus on your business.
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Competent Person

Fall Protection TrainingTraining

16-Hour Competent Person Fall Protection Training

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This course is designed for Managers and Supervisors of personnel that work at heights. Attendees will be exposed to state-of-the-art fall protection technology and current OSHA standards under the tutelage of safety instructors John McHugh and Mike Scharnell.

Topics Include:

  • Principles of fall protection
  • Components of fall arrest systems
  • Limitations of fall arrest equipment
  • OSHA policies regarding fall protection
  • Rescue procedures

Furthermore, this course features a one-day hands-on field exercise demonstrating an array of fall protection equipment.

Field Exercise Topics Include:

  • Conventional Systems
  • Body Holding Devices
  • Anchor Points
  • Harnesses
  • Vertical/Horizontal Traveling Systems
  • Rescue Techniques

Fee: $625 per person
Time: 8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.
Dates: See below.
Location:Burbank, CA (details provided upon registration)

Deadline to Register: Monday prior to each class.

All materials are included & refreshments will be provided each morning.

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Safety Instructors

John McHugh is the VP of Versatile Systems, Inc., California’s leader in fall protection safety; his universal expertise of the field has propelled him to the top of prominent figures in fall protection training, lectures and installation.

Mike Scharnell is a Senior Account Manager at VER Sales, Inc. with twelve years of fall protection experience providing engineered fall protection solutions for companies where work at heights is performed by their employees. He specializes in fall protection systems, equipment and training.

Fall Protection TrainingVersatile Systems, Inc. provides expert fall arrest training

At Versatile Systems, Inc. we know that the most important feature of a sound fall prevention system is a skilled user of the system. From design and manufacture of fall prevention systems to installation, inspections and training, you need look no further than Versatile Systems, Inc. Call Versatile Systems, Inc., your partner in fall safety.


Versatile Systems, Inc has a Custom Curriculum

Our instructors have decades of experience in fall protection and all this knowledge is integrated into our exclusive training curriculum. We know that your workers don’t want to spend a lot of time in the classroom so we have designed a training program that delivers essential information in a classroom setting reinforced through hands-on application in our training facility. Our training programs vary in duration according to the course requirements but most courses are completed in 1-4 days. Corporate rates available call today!

Training Using Real-Life Methods

We built our training facility so that trainees can practice and experience fall arrest procedures and protocols using real equipment and climbing apparatus. Our structure for fall prevention training enables us to simulate workplace procedures, rescue situations, rigging, confined space, and general fall protection protocols. Trainees learn to assemble and disassemble equipment, to safely connect equipment to systems and how to properly operate the systems they will be using plus any custom needs such as confined space rescue training. We share your commitment to safety, call today!

Training Certifications

When Versatile Systems, Inc. provides training for your employees, you’ll know that your workers are competent because we provide certification for each trainee. In order to earn certification, each individual must demonstrate a pre-determined set of competencies during the training. Our skilled instructors are patient and they have the teaching skill to help each person be successful.

The certifications currently available at Versatile Systems, Inc. are: 1) Authorized User; 2) Competent Inspection; 3) Competent Person (Must be certified in both 1 and 2); 4) Fall Protection-Rescue Training; 5) Confined Space Training; 6) Specialized Rigging; And Coming Soon, 7) First Aid/CPR. Don’t wait to certify the competence of your employees, call Versatile Systems.

Our Training Is Intensive but Fun

A common trainee comment is that Versatile System’s training center is kind of like a Gymboree for adults. We take that as a complement because while teaching safety is serious business, we want our trainees to be comfortable and to enjoy the experience. Trainee safety is always our number one goal so we take the time to make sure that each individual understands and can demonstrate the essential skills, procedures and protocols vital to their safety and to the safety of others. Call today to schedule your employee fall protection training!

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