Roof Access Ladders

Roof Access Ladders

From fire escapes to mezzanines, roof access ladders will keep your building safe and accessible. If you’re looking for a permanent solution, then Versatile can produce, install, and certify the safety of sturdy steel ladders.

Our ladders are always uniquely designed for your situation.

By taking measurements of your building, we’ll be able to provide the perfect roof access ladder solution. Throughout the designing and drawing process right up to installation, we’ll keep you involved, making sure you get the perfect ladder for your building.

What are Roof Access Ladders?

Roof access ladders are permanent fixed ladder installations that attach to the side of buildings. These provide access to higher parts of the building, while also keeping users of the fixed access ladder secured while climbing.

They are heavily OSHA regulated, with our total compliance to these regulations ensuring your roof ladder will last a lifetime.

If you need to gain access to a higher part of your building or simply need to install a fire escape, we’re the team for you.

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What are the benefits of a Fixed Roof Access Ladder?

Roof access ladders provide continual access up and down the side of your buildings. Not only does this allow for safe transport around the outside of the building, but it also provides points of higher access.

Let’s take a look at some of these benefits in more detail:


From easy escapes from dangerous internal situations to something solid to hold onto, roof access ladders provide a great deal of safety to your building. Stainless steel handrail installations provide increased safety thus better fall protection.


If you need high elevation access, then a sturdy Versatile roof access ladder will get you exactly where you need to go. Our ladders can be mounted above the parapet for ease of access for cleaning and maintenance.


Roof access ladders provide an incredible amount of strength and sturdiness, all while being lightweight and convenient to install.

Check out the full range of roof access ladders provided by Versatile if you’re looking for a selection of the very best ladders.

How will our roof access ladder look?

At Versatile we can offer your company plenty of selection for the best looking roof ladder for your building. There are options for different colors, custom applications such as brackets, powder coated finish, handrails, stairs, and safety cages. We can offer a consultation to discuss your needs.

Whether it is a manufacturing plant in need of an upgrade to an existing roof access ladder, office building, grocery store, or even a high end apartment complex building, we have seen it all and we can design and install any type of roof access ladder. Many buildings will need a ladder to be mounted above the parapet with stairs leading back down to the ground floor. Portable ladders are not a safe solution for roof access especially for commercial buildings.

We also offer rigid rail overhead fall protection systems which go hand and hand with our roof access ladders. Our rigid rail overhead fall protection systems offer great fall protection for workers on the roof.


How does OSHA Impact Roof Access Ladders?

OSHA, better known as Occupational Safety and Health Administration, has strict policies when it comes to the stability, building quality, and applicability of a roof access ladder.

The total range of necessary precautions is incredibly long, with over 85 OSHA ladder-specific regulations that must be fulfilled.
The applicable regulations change depending on which form of roof access ladder is installed. For example, portable ladders and fixed ladders have a different set of required codes.

The majority of roof access ladders are fixed, meaning the OSHA fixed regulations apply, as well as the general requirements for all ladders.
Versatile roof access ladders strictly comply with all of OSHA’s regulations, ensuring that our ladders are:

Able to support their maximum intended load.

Comfortable and secure to climb.

Heavily protected and reinforced.

And more!

OSHA also includes a section about the installation process under their regulations. Every step of the way, Versatile fulfills the necessary requirements, going above and beyond to secure your safety.
Be sure to take a look at our full catalog of roof access ladders for more information. Equally, you can
to see how we can help ensure the safety and accessibility of your building.