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8 Easy Steps to Proper Post-Use Harness Care

The sun sets behind the distant horizon as you saunter from the site where eight hours of sweat were spent in the name of hard work. You unbuckle the harness that presided over you all day and upon pulling your last arm free you do what? Throw it in the sharp-edge-tool-filled toolbox? The bed of the truck? Torn Backpack? Warehouse floor? Maybe the nearest Muddy puddle?

Disregard for proper harness care is a choice to ride the lazy river. It only takes a few minutes to properly stow your harness and that choice can save your life. Right now, we’re going to teach you How in 8 Easy Steps.


1. Inspect the harness condition after taking it off. Check the threads, stitching, rings, and buckles for any distortion, cracks, cuts, or frays that may have been generated over the course of the day; starting from the top working downs.

Remove from service if damage is found

Check for any grease, oils, solvents, and/or acids that may have contacted the harness during the workday.

Wipe the harness clean using a soapy water dampened rag if corrosive substances are found clinging to the harness; the solution should be 95% water, 5% soap.

Dry the harness with a clean cloth.

Take the harness and hang it up in a dry stable room temperature location, free from chemicals and excessive direct sunlight.

If it did not require cleaning you may store it in a dry waterproof bag.

Go home and sleep comfortably with the knowledge that your harness will be ready to protect you tomorrow.


1. Throw the harness onto the floor.

2.  Store in a humid room.

Store in a room near greases, oils, solvents, acids.

Store outside or next to a sun-filled window.

Store in a room whose temperature fluctuates wildly.

  Store in a room consistently too hot or too cold.

Throw in the washer and dryer.

Ignore the little signs for they can become big problems.

For some of you this advice is obvious but for those of you who were enlightened to proper harness care, now you know; you are now more educated and ready for tomorrow.


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