A Simple Step That Will Save You Money on Your Fall Protection System

Fall Protection Equipment and Systems can be a huge investment for a company and often times money is wasted during the process of selecting or designing safety equipment.  When developing fall protection system design or even selecting everyday user equipment, a manager or safety professional will often neglect to consult the people that are actually using this gear.  Many managers feel as though if a “worker” is asked it will cost more and they will ask for stuff that is not really needed. In the case of the Safety Professional they often feel that they know better what PPE is appropriate and let pride and ego get in the way of the safest solution.

In our experience when the daily users are not consulted the costs are higher and the system’s effectiveness is diminished. Recently we were awarded a project where an overhead fall arrest system needed to be installed above tanker trucks. The trucks are required to be positioned at a specific place in the unloading bay for the hoses to be connected properly. Their in-house design team that developed the concept for the fall arrest system never took the time to talk to the people that are actually using the fall protection equipment. As a result, the system was installed and found to be short of the required length needed to protect the workers the entire time they were on the tankers. Consequently additional costs were incurred for re-engineering and mobilizations.

Save money on your fall protection equipment and system by taking the time to consult with the users of the specific equipment. Bring in a fall protection expert that can give you the safest and most cost-effective options to provide a work environment that is protected from fall hazards.

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