Safety Communities Part Deux

In case you haven’t heard of the OSC, Online Safety Community, I’ll provide you with all the information you need to know.

First off, the OSC was created by Ansell Healthcare as a means of utilizing the best feature of the internet, its ability to bring people together. Headquartered in Red Bank, NJ, Ansell is one of the leading providers of hand safety products; their gloves are helping your local mechanic in the shop as well as every soldier currently serving this country. The website has been in operation since 2008 and currently has a membership total of 3,179. They have groups, much like other social media sites, that revolve around specific safety issues which provide open forums for passionate discussion, for instance, VSI is currently involved with the “Fall Protection”,  “Constuction”, “Utility”, and “Certification and Training”. And as a member, you’re encouraged to start your own groups on any topic you wish. It’s easy, it’s free, it’s a guarantee you’ll learn something. So come join VSI and the community.

And what’s the ASSE? The ASSE is the American Society of Safety Engineers, and was established in 1911, in Des Plaines, IL. The ASSE is the oldest safety society in the nation, the oldest safety community, and today has members in 75 countries.  Their mission statement:

Today, ASSE is a full-service organization for its members and the public, providing key information and action on occupational safety, health and environmental issues and practices. ASSE members work to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses, to create safer work and leisure environments and to develop safer products, enhancing the quality of life. (ASSE)

We couldn’t have said it any better, so we didn’t.

Versatile Systems, Inc.

We’re not your average Fall Protection company.

We’re Versatile Systems, Inc. Average doesn’t work here.