The Guys Won’t Use This Fall Protection Stuff…

Many times when we propose a new fall protection system to a potential client that includes harnesses, lanyards, etc.  Their response is “We have bought safety stuff like this before and these guys won’t use it”. “It’s a waste of money”.

To us this is not an employee problem but a management problem. A safety culture starts from the top and works down, not the other way around. Owners and management need to create the systems and safety policies that a company abides by. In most companies it’s against their safety policy to drink alcohol during work hours. Can you imagine a manager saying “We have asked them not to drink during work but they do it anyway”?

The same rules should apply when dealing with your company’s safety policies. If your company policy is that no employee will be exposed to a fall hazard greater than 30” without be protected by the recommended fall protection system,  then that rule should be enforced with the same consequences as other company policies that could cause injury or death to employees.

When I hear a manager say “they won’t wear the harnesses” we would like to say, “sounds like this company needs better leadership”.

Companies should have policies in place regarding fall hazards in their workplace. These policies need to be enforced! The reason we don’t allow people to drink alcohol during work is the same reason we don’t allow workers to be exposed to fall hazards, it could kill them and people around them.

What’s your company’s policy on fall hazards?

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