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How to Justify the Investment of a Fall Protection System

Over the years we have quoted many companies on the installation of fall protection systems, some have decided not to make the investment in safety. Many times companies have a difficult time justifying the expense because there is no direct return on investment.  The truth is investing in fall protection does not just save money, it saves lives! We created the benefits list below that we share with Safety Managers to help them gain approval from their management team for proposed fall...
Fall Protection Training Center

The Guys Won’t Use This Fall Protection Stuff…

Many times when we propose a new fall protection system to a potential client that includes harnesses, lanyards, etc.  Their response is “We have bought safety stuff like this before and these guys won’t use it”. “It’s a waste of money”. To us this is not an employee problem but a management problem. A safety culture starts from the top and works down, not the other way around. Owners and management need to create the systems and safety policies that a company abides by. In most...
Fall Protection for Bus Maintenance Technicians

Fall Protection for Bus Maintenance Technicians

Recently we had a potential client tell us that he has his bus maintenance technicians wear non-slip shoes as their fall protection when working on top of buses. The bad news for him and his poor employees is that 1) that’s not a safe form of fall protection and 2) it’s not legal! If you haven’t been in a bus maintenance facility they are typically oily, greasy and slippery. That goes for the bus roofs too. A slip or miss step off of a bus is most likely going to cause a serious injury or...

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